Search Engine Optimization:- Getting Down to Basics

Search engine optimization begins with high quality content. Good content contains keywords. Keywords are the tools that operate search engines. Search engines bring traffic to your online business.

Many people often ignore the impact and potential results that great content articles will have on their business either because of lack of knowledge or they don’t take the time to invest in good content. Don’t let this happen to you! There are far too many benefits from content articles to simply ignore them.

There may not be commercials on the Internet advertising your business, but there are search engines. You are probably familiar with the main search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. All search engines thrive on text. If it is text they want, then text is what you should give them. All this is accomplished through the strategic placing of high quality content articles on your website. Good content contains relevant keywords and is picked up by search engines.

Search engines prefer text to graphics. You will need to make sure that the text of your website is rich with keywords and in harmony with the content of your website. Another area of Search Engine Optimization is found by using keywords in your title, and the names of your web page. This simple trick can have incredible results when it comes to search engine placement. Also needed, is the Meta tags, description, and keyword placement in the HTML code of your website.

Few other things which are important

1. Space and organization is also important.

The online audience must be able to find what they are looking for quickly. If the reader doesn’t see the information within the first eight seconds that they are at your site, they are likely to click away.

2. On page links

This means having links to your content articles from the home page and making those links visible to the reader. Keep your text neat and clean, and do not overfill your web page with large graphics that are not only a distraction to your reader, but can cause slow loading times as well. A good content article is just as effective, if not more, than a large eye catching graphic. The reader needs to be able to view your page as quickly as possible.

3. Structure and content in your site is equally important.

Search engines want to see text. They want to see lots of text and they want it at the top of the site; meaning that you have your reader’s interest at heart. In this text search engines like to see headings, bullets and paragraph HTML codes so that the reader and the search engine knows what is important.

4. Incoming links

Incoming links are another of the most important aspects of SEO and content articles are a great way to attract them. Search engines do not want to see irrelevant links. They want links to credible and well-known sites that have the highest page rank possible. You can take advantage of link exchanges (more on this in a later chapter) as well as solicit your own link exchange with other sites. Sometimes, a simple email asking permission to place a link to someone’s site, if they will in return link to your site, is all it takes to begin a wonderful linking relationship that is great for everyone involved.

5. Driving search engines to your site

Now, once your website is ready for the search engines- provided you have a Heading, Title, Description, Keywords, Meta Tags, and Content Rich Articles placed strategically to drive search engines to your site.

What does all of this SEO have to do with content articles?

Well, content articles boost your search engine ranking, which in turn drives traffic to your site at lightning speed. The more traffic that your site sees, the more sales that you will have. More sales equate to more money, which is the ultimate goal.

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