What we look for online ?

When a person is looking for something online, they have a goal in mind. They know what they are looking for and many times it can be frustrating to try and sort through the many pages of useless content to find what they need. Giving a person what they are looking for is a way of building a virtual relationship with the reader. Content that is strategically placed and gives the reader what they are looking for is a way to ensure that they return to your site in the future.

Keyword Optimized Content

You have the content. You have what they are looking for. However, if your page doesn’t rank on the search engine, the reader will not be able to find it. This is where keyword optimized content comes into play. The number of times that a specific keyword is mentioned on any given page is one of the most important factors in determining where that page ranks on popular search engines.

Some Figures for optimization

Some articles can be optimized to as high as 15%. Which means that the keyword or phrase that you have chosen will be mentioned within that article 15% of the time. For example: In a typical 500-word article, the keyword would be mentioned 75 times! Of course you do not want to sacrifice quality and readability as this will cause readers to click away even more quickly. Content that is optimized to 3-5% is usually the most effective.

 Titles Should Contain keywords

Content articles that contain keywords in titles and throughout the first paragraph are very effective for increasing page rank. Spiders and Bots will scan the titles and headings of the content on your site to see what is relevant. Therefore, it is important to use the keywords in the title and also in the first paragraphs of the article. Keywords should be included in the Meta tags on your page as well.

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